Fee-Only Financial Advisors

Why it matters


Initial Consult
Action Plan
On-Going Support

Initial Consult

Sit down with an expert fee-only advisor through the New Jersey Financial Advisors Network and review your current financial situation and future financial goals.

Your advisor will introduce some possible options to get your input. Our advisors do not make commission or kickbacks from the investment opportunities they offer.

Sit-Down Review

Your financial advisor will present the action plan they have developed and review it in detail with you. Any questions or concerns will be appropriately answered – our advisors want you to be comfortable with each phase of your investment portfolio.

Action Plan

With your goals in mind, your financial advisor will prepare a detailed action plan for your unique situation. New Jersey Financial Advisor Network advisors are highly-experienced and detailed-oriented and will consider every aspect of your life and family during this process.


Your fee-only financial advisor will guide you in following through the well-detailed action plan. Whether you need a retirement plan, life insurance, or debt relief, your advisor will stand by you every step of the way.

A Personal Relationship

Our advisors pride themselves on building long-term relationships with their satisfied clients. Your advisor may suggest quarterly or annual reviews of your financial plan and portfolio, and recommend adjustments when necessary.

New Jersey Financial Advisor Network Serves Three Groups of Constituents

The General Public, Collectively

  • Working with a Registered Investment Advisor who meets NAPFA’s strict education, compensation, and ethics standards is the best way to receive true fiduciary care
  • Every advisor you will find on NJFAN meets NAPFA’s strict and unwavering standards.

We strive to remove the confusion from topics such as:

  • Advisor compensation
  • Fee-only versus fee-based
  • The fiduciary standard
  • The value of working with an advisor

Fee-Only Advisors, Individually

  • NJFAN becomes an enduring and powerful marketing tool that builds long-term personal brand equity
  • It is the ultimate marketing asset for true fiduciary financial advisors that will improve search engine visibility and online reputation for the individual and their firm
  • Our methodology brings greater awareness to all information that demonstrates credibility, expertise, and industry participation

Fee-Only Advisors, Collectively

  • NJFAN works for the greater good of the industry by amplifying the messages of the organizations that champion the fee-only advisor and fiduciary standard – the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), XY Planning Network, Garrett Planning Network, Alliance of Comprehensive Planners
  • We harness the power of the internet by aggregating, organizing, and connecting thousands of relevant web pages – all about individual fee-only advisors, their fee-only and fiduciary affiliations, reputational assets, social media, and influence within the industry
  • Professionally designed educational content and curated cross-linking increases public awareness of why “fee-only” matters when choosing a financial advisory firm